Solomon Islands: Malaita Hub scoping report uri icon


  • The CGIAR Research Program (CRP) Aquatic Agricultural Systems (AAS) will target five countries, including Solomon Islands. The proposed hubs for Solomon Islands were to cover most provinces, referencing the Western, Central and Eastern regions. Scoping of the initial â??Centralâ?? hub was undertaken in Guadalcanal, Malaita and Central Islands provinces and this report details findings from all three. As scoping progressed however, it was agreed that, based on the AAS context and priority needs of each province and the Programâ??s capacity for full implementation, the Central Hub would be restricted to Malaita Province only and renamed â??Malaita Hubâ?�. Consistent in each AAS country, there are four steps in the program rollout: planning, scoping, diagnosis and design. Rollout of the Program in Solomon Islands began with a five month planning phase between August and December 2011, and scoping of the first hub began in January 2012. This report, the second to be produced during rollout, describes the findings from the scoping process between January and June 2012. This report marks the transition from the scoping phase to the diagnosis phase in which output from scoping was used to develop a hub level theory of change for identifying research opportunities. Subsequent reports detail in-depth analyses of gender, governance, nutrition and partner activities and discuss Program engagement with community members to identify grass-roots demand for research

publication date

  • 2013