Partner-driven agricultural research-for-development networks in West Africa: the case of ROCARIZ uri icon


  • Many consider agricultural development as essential to broadly combat poverty and hunger and to improve livelihoods in rural sub-Saharan Africa. Research is an important stimulant to such development, because it can develop insight into more productive and sustainable ways of feeding growing populations while increasing farm incomes. However, in West Africa, research programs have limited resources for funding wellrounded national agricultural research systems (NARS). To overcome this criticalmass problem, these nations have joined in a range of topically-focused regional networks to share their knowledge and expertise. The evolution and experiences of these networks provide an important learning opportunity in knowledge sharing and capacity building for international agricultural development. This paper reviews some of the strategic learning gained by the West and Central Africa Rice Research and Development Network – generally referred to by its French acronym ROCARIZ (Reséau Ouest et Centre Africain du Riz) which has been assisted since its inception by the Africa Rice Center, WARDA.

publication date

  • 2006