Ectomycorrhiza in forest rehabilitation in Indonesia uri icon


  • Dipterocarpaceae is one of promising tree families for forest rehabilitation in Indonesia. Dipterocarpaceae has association with fungi forming ectomycorrhiza (EcM) structure on the roots of dipterocarp trees. Many reports showed that inoculation of EcM in the nursery stage of dipterocarps species would increase growth and survival rate of the seedlings. After transplanting to the field, however, very few studies have reported success of EcM fungi inoculation on tree growth. Inoculation of EcM fungi is mostly likely benefit the growth of dipterocarp seeedlings when they are planted in degraded areas. Nevertheless, there are some gaps on basic research of EcM. Future research needs basic research performed on taxonomy, phylogeny, ecology-community and physiology of EcM and EcM fungi. The success of dipterocarp forest rehabilitation is not determined by ectomycorrhiza per se, it needs to consider silviculture, ecology and socio-economic criteria. Forest and land rehabilitation in Indonesia should be integrated with rural development

publication date

  • 2014