Integrated Land and Water Productivity Improvement in the Aral Sea Basin uri icon


  • Prior to this demonstration, experiment comprehensive investigation on efficiency of conventional irrigation scheduling against widely used ET-based irrigation scheduling in Khorezm region had been limited. This experiment while demonstrating the efficacy of ET-based irrigation scheduling services provides crop coefficients for mungbean and winter wheat grown in predominant HMZs. In addition, the data collected as part of this experiment can be used to conduct crop modeling to evaluate the effects of climate change on water availability and water demand in the Aral Sea Basin. Irrigation and water use efficiencies calculated using this experiment could be used to compare their relative performance with other cotton and winter wheat producing nations in Central Asia and around the world. First year trial with introducing mungean in wheat crop rotation showed positive impact of the technology in terms of additional source of income to farmers with soil nutrient enhancement potential. Optimum irrigation scheduling applied for mungbean and wheat increased not only yield and water productivity but also ensured getting additional income to the farmers at the project site

publication date

  • 2016