2016 Work-plan of Biometrics and Statistics Section (BSS) uri icon


  • Biometrics and Statistics support will be made available in the design of experiments, data analysis and inference, and statistical review of scientific manuscripts. Support will also be given in statistical computing and other software of interest to the researchers. Through involvement in the CRPs and Generation Challenge Program, we shall have strong involvement in research and spatial database management including ICIS, long-term trials and Bioinformatics work which will focus on data management, identification of crop varieties for spatial adaptation and temporal stability, estimation of yield-trends in long-term trials, and analysis of molecular marker data, expression data and spatial modeling. It is expected that BSS will be involved in providing Research Methods supports to CRPs and bilateral projects by organizing training courses on experimental designs and statistical data analysis, and providing technical backstopping to NARS scientists at various Action and Satellite sites. The plan assumes that 84 person-weeks will be needed in 2016. We will also seek expert consultation in the areas of quantitative genetics and Bayesian methods. This plan, in collaboration with GU, also focuses on organizing required tools and techniques for sharing ICARDA research data under an Open Access policy of ICARDA and CGIAR. In the current situation in Syria and relocation of scientists to various ICARDA-hubs, we will enhance our extra effort to stand-up to the challenges of the changed scenario and its evolution. The support will be provided through emails, Skype, as well as face-to-face meeting where applicable

publication date

  • 2016