Screening chickpea genotypes with rhizobium strains under various management interactions uri icon


  • The results study conducted at India indicated that seed inoculants with Rhizobium + PSB + Mo was found best among other inoculants in respect to productivity and profitability. Variety PKV 4 produced higher values of growth and yield attributing parameters, seed and biological yields of kabuli chickpea (Table 1 and 2). Treatment combination Rhizobium + PSB+ Mo with Phule G 0517 on seed index proved better combinations for higher production. The economics of various treatments, highest gross return was obtained in Rh.+ PSB + Mo seed inoculants (INR 126665/ha) with net profit (INR 107592/ha) and highest B:C ratio (6.8)

publication date

  • 2017