Atlas for water consumption (ETc) and amount of irrigation water used (IR) for Egyptian crops over three decades (1985-2015) uri icon


  • The agricultural land in Egypt is nearly irrigated of about 98% due to the very dry conditions i.e. no rain fed agriculture from economic point of view is implemented. Capita share per annum from water is less than the poverty edge of 1000 m3 and it is continuously decreasing till the water scarcity level of less than 500 m3 in the few coming decades. In addition, population growth, climate change and development projects all this will increase the pressure on already limited water resources. So, the water conservation procedures and rationalization of use has become imperative at all levels. Ministry of agriculture and land reclamation in Egypt always seek to maximize the exploitation of natural resources. So it has set up a new strategy "sustainable agricultural development strategy 2030 ." The current study aims to estimate reference evapotranspiration and water consumption for crops grown in Nile Delta region through the last three decades (1985-2015). In addition, estimation of water needs at the farm level and Aswan High Dam

publication date

  • 2017