Early generation seed production of barley in Ethiopia and Iran uri icon


  • Availability of and access to basic of improved varieties remains a stumbling block for barley in most developing countries. Early generation seed (breeder, pre-basic and basic) was produced by NARS through a bilateral project in Ethiopia and Iran. In Ethiopia about 7,51, 20.48 and 136.6 ha, respectively and 18.8 t of breeder seed, 51.2 t of pre-basic seed and 341 t of basic seed were produced by EIAR and RARIs in 2016 crop season. While the breeder seed and pre-basic was produced on-station, most of the basic seed production was carried out with farmer seed producer cooperatives or groups. About 10.5 t of seed was provided to 176 farmers (17 female farmers, 9.7%) for basic seed production and an estimated 262.5 t of seed is produced. This is sufficient to plant 26225 ha of certified seed next year. In Iran, under the Iran-ICARDA bilateral projects, 3.7 ha breeder1, 549.1 ha of breeder 2, 191.7 ha of breeder 3 and 458 ha elite (basic) seed was planted by DARI with a corresponding estimated production of 4.75, 1010, 414.1 and 687 t of seed in 2016/17 crop season

publication date

  • 2016