Genetic Parameters, Productivity Indices and Breeding Plans for Designing Community-based Goat Breeding Programs in Ethiopia uri icon


  • The overall objectives of this dissertation were to improve access to improved/selected bucks by farmers of the research sites and to contribute to their food security and income improvements. The specific objectives were: 1) to present reliable genetic parameter estimates based on meta-analysis of literature reports; 2) to evaluate production and productivity of three indigenous goat breeds in Ethiopia namely Abergelle (AB), Central Highland (CH) and Woyto-Guji (WG) and have bench mark production and productivity estimates for the ongoing Community Based Breeding Programs (CBBPs) in Ethiopia; 3) to evaluate alternative breeding scenarios in the CBBP of the three goat breeds including dam-side selection, genomic selection and two-tier breeding programs; and 4) to assess the need for recording birth weight in CBBP of small ruminants

publication date

  • 2016