ICARDA?s Strategy 2017-2026 for Biometrics and Statistics Support to its Research: Enhancing Research Quality for Innovation and Knowledge Sharing in Biodiversity, Germplasm Enhancement and Sustainable Agri-Food Systems uri icon


  • This document describes the goals and objectives of Biometrics and Statistics Section (BSS), highlights current status and the challenges in the changing agricultural landscape to sustainably support the livelihood and the environment. BSS aims to provide biometric and statistics support to programs on planning of experiments and surveys, analysis of data, drawing statistical inferences, presentation of results, and statistical review of scientific documents. It also shares the relevant techniques and tools with the NARS scientists through training courses. BSS devises new methodologies for specialized situations where not available. Another area of expertise is to develop statistical computing modules and share them with ICARDA and NARS scientists. This effort leads to enhance the reliability, efficiency, repeatability and interpretability of experimental results leading to high level of science quality. It lists a number of key statistical issues and ongoing activities. The clusters of activities mentioned in the preproposals for 2nd Call of CRP DCLAS and Wheat have also been listed for easy harmonization of ICARDA BSS activities

publication date

  • 2016