Africa RISING Ethiopia Highlands. Final Technical Report January 2012 ? September 2016 uri icon


  • The selected cereal and food legume cultivars with associated crop management practices increased and doubled the productivity of each crop. The high productivity and preferences by farmers played a key role in diversifying what were the mono-cropping systems of bread wheat that are affected by rusts and infestations of grassy weeds. Some of the cultivars showed wide adaptations across the AR sites in the four regions. New and improved faba bean disease management was only possible through the application of fungicides. Seed growers were organized and trained in seed production and delivery. These include production of cereals, food legumes and potato seeds. With respect to the production of potato planting material, participating farmers constructed diffuse light storage (DLS) facility on a cost sharing basis. In addition the project distributed over 20 hermetic storage bags to manage Bruchids, an insect that thrives on food legumes

publication date

  • 2016