Development of tools, technologies and platforms for genotyping, sequencing and informatics in legumes uri icon


  • As compared to major cereal crops, CRP mandated legume crops in general didn?t enjoy the availability of genomic resources unUl recently. Under the framework of CRP-­?Grain Legumes, significant advances have been made in developing genomics tools, technologies and pla_orms for acceleraUng genomics research as well deploying molecular breeding. To name a few: genome sequencing for legume crops, transcriptome assembly, several hundred thousands to millions of molecular markers, several trait associated markers, several molecular breeding lines, implementaUon of Breeding Management System (BMS), development of high-­?density genomic database for chickpea under the umbrella of Global & Open-­?source Breeding InformaUcs IniUaUve and very recently, low-­?cost and high-­?throughput genotyping hub have been established for enhancing precision and efficiency in legume crops

publication date

  • 2017