Developing improved varieties of faba bean uri icon


  • Faba bean is an important cool-season food legume crop grown under different cropping systems for dry grain and green pods, animal feed and a green-manure worldwide. It contributes to reduce carbon footprint of cereal based agricultural production systems. The present chapter book aim to present the major research achievements in faba bean which include identification of faba bean lines tolerant to heat, drought, herbicide tolerance, broomrape resistance, disease resistance, and high nitrogen fixation. Sources Glyphosate tolerance and Imazethapyr and Metribuzin tolerance identified in faba bean. Donors for multiple disease resistance were identified and shared with National Agriculture Centre for further use in the breeding program. Diverse released varieties with resistance to chocolate spot were released in Ethiopia combining ICARDA lines with local landraces. Different varieties with orobanche resistance were released in Ethiopia, Egypt and Tunisia, which will help to recuperate the threaten area in target countries. The faba bean are increased in Sudan with the released of improved varieties adapted to warmer environments that the traditional area in Nile Delta- Egypt

publication date

  • 2017