Reviving Community Hopes for Sustainable Livelihoods through Watershed based Approach - A Case Study from Sayad Watershed in Balkh Province of Afghan uri icon


  • ivelihood options in rural areas are jeopardized due to degraded natural resources?, say the people in Sayad, a village in Khulm district of Balkh province of Afghanistan. The village has around 250 households. The Sayed is situated in a narrow valley bound by high rise mountains. People here accept it as their destiny to remain impoverished because of poor livelihood avenues. The production from forest, livestock and agriculture is very miserable. The forest/ fruit trees establishment in degraded hills are very poor; the pasture lands are depleted to support livestock; and the rain/snow water runs-off the village limiting the water availability for crop production. The remedial measures for such constraints are not available with the community. Hence, the livelihood situation deteriorates day-by-day and is the major reason for increased competition for resources within community

publication date

  • 2016