Evaluation of CropSyst model for clusterbean under hot arid condition uri icon


  • CropSyst is one of the most important process-oriented simulation models largely used for field crops all over the world to study the effect of climate, soil and management practices on crop productivity. In the present study, we have calibrated and validated the CropSyst model for groundnut crop grown at farmer?s field in IGNP Stage-II of Bikaner. CropSyst model was calibrated using the experimental data of crop parameters, soil profile data and observed daily weather data of experimental site for 2012 and validated the experimental data of crop growth and yield parameters for 2013. The results of the study showed that the CropSyst model simulated the crop growth parameter data viz. green area index, seed yield, above ground biomass and N-uptake of groundnut reasonably well. The seed yield, above ground biomass and N- uptake was validated well by the model with relative error of 3.3, 2.2 and 8.4 %, respectively. The total water applied in groundnut was 728.9 and 619.6 mm in 2012 and 2013, respectively out of this 664.9 and 530.5mm consumed in evapotranspiration

publication date

  • 2017