Comparative Analysis of Agro-Morphological and Molecular Variations in Huskless Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) under Central Agro-Climatic Zone of India uri icon


  • A set of 24 barley accessions from ICARDA, Lebanon grown under Indian field condition at experimental field of ICARDA- IRP, Amlaha, was analysed for Agromorphological and molecular variability High (40.11) to moderate (23.58) diversity was observed for all character except plant height (14.60) and ear length (12.84) The PIC values of molecular work in this study ranged from 0.153 to 0.81 with an average of 0.5 indicating sufficient variability among accessions at molecular level. Comparison of clusters of molecular and morphological analysis showed that the accessions from similar or related ancestral background have variability at phenotypic level. Comparative study of diversity at both phenotypic and molecular level provides better information for selection of parents or diverse line for utilization in barley improvement programs

publication date

  • 2017