Adult Sitona crinitus H. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) feeding preference on some legume species uri icon


  • We determined the feeding preference under artificial infestation in plastic house conditions of Sitona crinitus Herbst on several legumes: Vicia sativa, V. ervilia, V. faba, Lens culinaris (small Syrian local " ILL: 4401"), Medicago polymorpha, Trifolium angustifolium, Cicer arietinum, and three Lathyrus species: Lathyrus sativus, L. ochrus and L. cicera. Beginning with the least-preferred leguminous food and feed crops, the order of feeding preference by Sitona was: V. sativa, L. culinaris, V. ervilia, T. sativum, M. sativa, L. cicera, L. Sativus, L. ochrus. No significant differences in preference were found between V. sativa, L. culinaris, V. ervilia and T. sativum. However, there were significant differences in feeding preference (P<0.05) between these species and Lathyrus spp. Cicer arietinum and Vicia faba were not hosts of S. crinitus. The genotypes of L. ochrus were less preferred than those of the other two Lathyrus species; the selection # 549 was the least preferred among L. ochrus genotypes. This nonprefernce may be related to the high level of the neurotoxin 3-(NOxalyl)-L-2, 3 diominopropionic acid (ß-ODAP) content of L. ochrus

publication date

  • 2016