Minutes of the workshop: ?Promoting the value chain ?Dar El Mouna" in Zammour, Béni Khédache? Zammour, November 18th, 2015 uri icon


  • This workshop is conducted in the framework of CGIAR program, CRP-DS on Dryland Systems, precisely in the activity titled: ?Post-Harvest and Value Chains Analysis? coordinated by IRA team and ICARDA with the collaboration of AJZ (Youth association of Zammour) and ADESM (development and strategic studies association) in the area of Béni Khédache in the south-east of Tunisia. The objective of this activity is to diagnostic the relevant stakeholders (Producers, input providers, traders, agro-processing, regulators, quality, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers) in an integrated value chain of selected crops (olive oil, figs and wheat) called ?Dar El Mouna", in order to improve the locally appropriate postharvest handling and processing options and to facilitate the development of stakeholder-driven strategies for improving the marketing efficiency, postharvest management and value addition for the selected commodities. This workshop is taken advantage to promote the institutional set-up of an innovation platform based on the high value added produced commodities. It is a multi-stakeholder workshop with main operators of the studied value chain. It is conducted after four previous main events held in the area of Béni Khédache and at IRA which helped us to identify the selected commodity and the main operators and to analyze the major challenges and opportunities of local and artisanal products in the study area of Zammour. The tasks and activities, carried out in the framework of these events, are described as follow: ? 1st multi-stakeholders workshop (March 17th, 2015): 22 participants (IRA, CRDA, NGO?s, civil societies, farmers). The workshop has led to a first identification of a range of local products and commodities with higher priorities to be promoted 2 throughout the high value chain cluster (Olive oil, figs, honey, cultivated barley, PAM) ? 2nd workshop held at IRA (June 3-4 2015) has grouped 14 Participants (IRA, CRDA, AJZ) has contribute to confirm the work with AJZ. ? 1st steering committee meeting held in Médenine (September 14th, 2015) to program activities ? 2nd steering committee meeting held at IRA (October 9th, 2015) to validate activities, methods and work plan

publication date

  • 2015