The social and economic importance of Dacryodes edulis (G.DON) H.J. Lam in Southern Cameroon uri icon


  • This paper reports on the role played by the indigenous fruit tree species, Dacryodes edulis(safou), in four communities in Southern Cameroon. Safou is originally a forest species but hasnow almost completed the shift on to the farm, where it is particularly planted in association withcocoa and coffee plantations. Its oil-rich fruit are an important item in local diets and are widelymarketed. The income is particularly important to women and its timing coincides with the needto pay school fees and associated costs. The reasons why different farmers plant safou are verycomplex and change over time. Extension services could help farmers obtain greater benefits fromthis resource by promoting participatory domestication and providing advice on tree managementand fruit storage and processing

publication date

  • 2002