Enclosures to protect and conserve: for better livelihood of the West Pokot community uri icon


  • In West Pokot District (Kenya), changes in livestock grazing patterns â?? dueto insecurity, population pressure and drought â?? have led to a serious re-duction in vegetation. Large areas once well covered with pasture and treeshave become entirely denuded, eroded, and useless.Can these lands be rehabilitated? Can the agro-pastoral landownersthemselves do this, with minimal â??inputsâ?? or assistance from outside? Howlong does it take for an enclosed pasture to recover? What are the bestgrasses and trees to use in regenerating degraded rangeland? What aresome of the management methods that can prevent pastures from degrad-ing in the first instance?This field guide will give you the answers to these questions

publication date

  • 2002