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  • Agroforestry is a name for all land-use systems in which trees or shrubs are grown in association with agricultural crops, pastures or livestock. In the ICRAF definition of agroforestry, the intergration of trees and shrubs in the land-use system can be either in a spatial arrangement, e.g. trees growing in a field at the same time as the crop, or in the time sequence, e.g. shrubs grown on a fallow for restoration of soil fertility. Sometimes the phrase woody perennials is used instead of trees and shrubs. Of course, woody perennials include all trees and shrubs with a lifespan of more than a year, but they also cover bamboos and palms.Normally, the trees and shrubs interact both economically and ecologically with the crops or livestock. These interactions should, of course, have a positive effects if the agroforestry is to be beneficial to farmers

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  • 1996