An integrated analysis of the off-site benefits of soil conservation in the Philippines uplands and test of smallholder dissemination methods. A proposal outline to ACIAR uri icon


  • This paper outlines a concept for a project designed to integrate and build on the work of ACIAR's suite of hilly-land projects in South-East Asia, and integrate this research with the ongoing work of ICRAF and the MSEC consortium. The concept for this proposal arises from a need to better understand the economic impacts of land use changes in catchments through conservation farming, and the process of effective smallholder-driven dissemination of new practices. Research in the past has successfully analyzed the effectiveness of a range of technologies in controlling erosion and enhancing crop yields. Bio economic modelling and socioeconomic surveys have been used to provide insights into the farm-level constraints to adopting these technologies. There is a need now to develop an integrated framework for assessing the intro-farm to catchment scale consequences of erosion, and the off-site benefits of conservation farming. There is also a need to better understand the processes underlying successful conservation farming dissemination programs and to test further improvements to increase the efficiency of these methods

publication date

  • 1998