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  • Agroforestry plays an important role in the socioâ??economic development of communities, as trees planted on farm s provide timber, fuelwood, fodder, fruits, medicine, windbreaks, and a wh ole range of other economic and environmental benefits. At present the need to plant trees on farm s is on the increase. It is difficult, however, for smallholders to access â?? at the right time, in the right quantities and of high quality â?? the trees that they want to plant. In order to meet present and future demand for planting ma terial, there is a need to promote on-farm and community tree nurseries. Such nurseries can be owned and managed by individual farmers, by self-h elp groups, by schools, by churches and/or by a range of other local instit utions. They provide income-generating opportunities, act as models for fu rther nursery development, provide seedlings more cheaply to planters, and can raise the particular species that local people are interested in

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  • 2008