Impact of the Southeast Asian Network for Agroforestry Education (SEANAFE) on agroforestry education capacity uri icon


  • The Southeast Asian Network for Agroforestry Ed ucation (SEANAFE) was established in April 1999. SEANAFEâ??s mission is to develop human resources for agroforestry and integrated natural resource management through collaboration among educati onal institutions. Presently, the network has 82 member institutions in 5 countries. In mid-2006, SEANAFE conducted an impact study covering 15 of the 33 founding members: universities and technical colleges in Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The study aimed at understanding the networkâ??s influence on its member institutionsâ?? capacity to teach agroforestry in the past seven years. Below are highlights of the study results

publication date

  • 2008