Les espèces ligneuses et leurs usages: les preferences des paysans dans le cercle de Segou, au Mali uri icon


  • Agroforestry parklands have a very important socio-economic and environmental value in the Sahel. Several shrub and tree species play a fundamental role for farmers due to their multiple uses, such as the production of food, forage, medicinal products, firewood and timberwood. However, demographic pressure and unadapted agricultural practices compromise the future of many agroforestry parklands. Domesticating the shrub and tree sp ecies that are most appreciated by farmers could stimulate their regeneration. Thus, a study was conducted in seven villages in the region of Segou, Mali, in order to identify farmersâ?? preferences regardin g such species as related to their varied uses. Results show that sheanut tree ( Vitellaria paradoxa ), Faidherbia albida and baobab ( Adansonia digitata ) are the preferred species. Several other species are also so ught after, especially for their uses in human and animal food production, pharmacology, and as sources of revenue. While the protection and the domestication of these above-mentioned species can be viewed as a priority, it seems that it is the diversity itself of the tree cover that has to be preserved in order to answer the various needs of the farmers

publication date

  • 2005

geographic focus