Effect of traffic intensity on soil structure and root development in a field experiment on a sandy clay loam soil in the Netherlands uri icon


  • I would like to inform you about some results of cooperative research on a large-scale field experiment with different traffic intensities. In this experiment, during 1984-1989, the effects on soil structure and crop development of different of different field traffic systems were compared. The experimental field consisted of 4 blocks (A-D) of 100 x 212 m, each of which carried one crop of a typical four-year, intensive crop rotation, consisting of potatoes - winter wheat under sown with rye grass - sugar beet- onions. Each block was split into 4 plots of 50 x 100m, on which around the year all field traffic was performed with normal 'high'- pressure tyres (Treatment H) or with special 'low'- pressure tyres (Treatment L). On each block , 2 narrow strips (6x100 m), positions between the large plots, were allocated to the zero-traffic or bed system (Treatment Z). Soil tillage and all other cultural treatments were the same for all three field traffic systems

publication date

  • 1991