Use of vegetation maps to infer on the ecological suitability of species using central and western Kenya as an example. Part I: Description of potential natural vegetation types for central and western Kenya uri icon


  • Vegetation maps show classifications of plant communities based on differences in floristics (composition and relative abundances of species), physiog-nomic structure (such as growth form, height, ground cover, type of leaves) and seasonal activity patterns (van der Maarel 2005, Box and Fuji wara 2005). Potential natural vegetation (PNV) has been defined as the vegetation struc-ture that would become established if all success ionalsequences were completed without interference by man under the present climatic and edaphic (soil) conditions, including those created by man (Tüxeni956, Mueller-Dom- bois and Ellenberg 1974, Box and Fujiwara 2005). This definition makes it clear that PNV is not necessarily the original vegetation as the site conditions may have changed after the original vegetation was removed

publication date

  • 2007