Prunus - family Rosaceae: Mafouk, Muiri, Ibonjok, Muuri, Tticku, Inttchet uri icon


  • Evergreen tree,10-24 (36 max) m in height, with a stem diameter of 1 m; back is blackish-brown and ragged;foliage is made of alternate,simple oval or lance shaped leaves with shiny deep green top sides,duller and lighter underside and pink or red petioles of 2cm long. Flowers are small,white or greenish,hairy,fragrant;they are solitary or in branched axillary; fruits are spherical,bitter,pinkish-brown, bilobed, with a thin, darkred to reddush-brown pulp when ripe;a depression in the center covering a papery shell;thin pericarp with 1 or 2 small, delicate, oval seeds inside

publication date

  • 2007