ICRAF/SII Project: strengthening agroforestry research and development through training and education, 2002-2007 uri icon


  • â?¢ Coordinated through the Training Unit, the project supports the Centreâ??s learning component of its research and development agenda as implemented through the Regions, Themes and some Units. â?¢ Its main objective is to provide learning opportunities to the Centreâ??s collaborative partners in areas and on topics for which the Centre has a comparative advantage thanks to its research and development outputs and outcomes. â?¢ The main activities undertaken by the project are: o The planning, organization, implementation, monitoring and follow-up of about 20 short specialist learning events over a five year period. o The development of curricula and learning resources in support of these specialist learning events. o The implementation of a series of â??Small Grantsâ?? projects that allow learners to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes gained as the result of attending these learning events in their day-to-day work. o Research and development related to instructional technology, the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for training and education, needs and impact assessment to facilitate and enhance activities undertaken by the project. o Overall coordination of the project (including library and equipment support, narrative and financial reporting)

publication date

  • 2007