Cameroon forum on community organizations and networks: sharing lessons and experiences on governance uri icon


  • This forum convened to provide representati ves of community organizations and networks from forest zones in Cameroon the opportunity to share governance experiences with each other, and compare these with lessons from As ia, Latin America and other parts of Africa. In total more than 60 participants took part in this forum, one third of who were women, sharing lessons from seven countries and three continents. The forum convened in a national context where local forest communities se ek to claim their rightful political space. Having lost considerable ground, voice and identity through non-inclusive, ineffective and self-serving representation, communities re flected for two days on how to be better organized and network to strengthen existing leadership structures and where appropriate to become credible partners to government and elected officials. At the end of the workshop representatives from two working groups resolved to develop an advocacy and lobbying platform to support community organizations an d influence the policy environment of small forestry enterprise, connecting to one anothe r organically and maintaining the integrity of their own organizations

publication date

  • 2009