Inventorying diversity, use and conservation status of indigenous fruit and nut species of Nepal for developing'conservation through use'strategies uri icon


  • Due to its exceptional diversity of topographic, climatic, and agro-ecological conditions, Nepal is considered one of the richest biodiversity hotspots of the world, including about 200 indigenous fruit and nut species. These plants play a significant role, espe cially for the well-being of rural people through providing nutrition, househol d income and employment. Often, indigenous fruits and nuts are not domesticated or cultivated, but gathered from natural stands. However, many of these populations are said to be threatened and disappearing, due to deforestation and over-exploitation, among others. This study aimed at contributing to the development of â??conservation through useâ?? strategies for Nepalâ??s indigenous fruit and nut species by determining their diversity, utilization and current conservation status

publication date

  • 2009