The role of livestock in integrated land management: RELMA's experience in Eastern and Southern Africa uri icon


  • This paper is part of a br oader synthesis of more than three decades of Swedish development cooperation in the agricultural sector of e astern and s outhern Africa. The paper focuses on livestock, an important sub-sector that is not adequately understood, particularly its role in the â??critical triangleâ?� of development: food security, poverty and environment protec tion (Vosti 1995). Our discussion centres on how the livestock sub-sector was incorporat ed in land management in the region and how it relates to the global development goa l of meeting the ne eds of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. A synopsis of the livestock programme focus, approaches and methods used to achieve programme objectives are discussed. Finall y, the experiences and lessons learnt are presented and way forward suggested in the context of emerging sustainable development issues

publication date

  • 2009