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  • The IMP provides Rwanda with a planning tool for rational exploitation of its soil and water resources. Intended to trigger an increase in crop production of both staple foods for local consumption and high-value products for export, the IMP will support decision making by: â?¢ identifying the most favourable areas to establish irrigation water infrastructure; â?¢ estimating the water stock that can be used for irrigation; â?¢ prioritising distribution of irrigation water; â?¢ identifying means of transporting water to selected sites; â?¢ recommending means of abstraction for the chosen type of water source; â?¢ establishing irrigated agriculture in small-, medium- and large-scale projects on hillsides, marshlands and other topographically suitable areas; â?¢ identifying options for upgrading the agricultural value chain through appropriate training and extension (especially promoting the use of inputs, introducing mechanisation, training in postharvest management and marketing and sales); â?¢ recommending options for water harvesting and storage; â?¢ proposing solutions for drainage and flood mitigation; â?¢ recommending locations and management for water storage and hydroelectric purposes; â?¢ producing a plan map for the potential irrigation areas (PIAs) that could be irrigated by the different kinds of water resources by agroclimatic zone (ACZ) or even province level; and â?¢ articulating the national policy options concerning the distribution of irrigation water

publication date

  • 2010