Agroforestry and Soil Health: Linking Trees, Soil Biota, and Ecosystem Services uri icon


  • Agricultural landscapes hold a large proportion of the world's biodiversity. Nevertheless, there is poor understanding of the contribution of agricultural management practices to conservation of biodiversity and soil functions that underpin the provision of soilbased ecosystem services. Evidence has shown a strong link between aboveground and belowground biodiversity, highlighting the impact of land use and management on the provision of soil-based ecosystem services. Agroforestry â?? the integration of trees into agricultural fields and landscapes â?? has the potential to facilitate the transition to multifunctional agriculture that successfully addresses the challenge of optimizing crop productivity while maintaining the provision of other ecosystem services. In order to realize this potential, however, there is considerable need for greater understanding of how to optimize treeâ??soil biota interactions that improve agroecosystem function and soil health

publication date

  • 2012