Cameroon in need of a coordinated agroforestry strategy and program uri icon


  • Nowadays there is worldwide recognition that agroforestry, the deliberate integration of trees in the farming landscape for social, economic and environmental benefits, can contribute in a significant way in meeting virtually all the millennium development goals. Although agroforestry is an age- old practice in Cameroon, farmers and society at large are not reaping its full potential because of a number of constraints, some clearly related to the policy environment, specifically the absence of a comprehensive agroforestry strategy. So far, tree planting activities have been carried by a number of ministries, for example agriculture, forestry and the environment but none has the responsibility to define and coordinate agroforestry activities. The outcome is that there is actually limited Government commitment and resources to develop the agroforestry sector. This policy brief describes the importance of agroforestry to farmersâ?? livelihoods in Cameroon and climate change mitigation in general and discusses policy related barriers and options to remove the barriers

publication date

  • 2012