Rapid assessment of the inner Niger Delta of Mali uri icon


  • This report was based on a study conducted under the a uspices of the AFROMAISON project implemented by the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and its partners. The study aims at carrying out a rapid assessment through the collection and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data of the Inland Niger Del ta of Mali with the aim of contributing towards an improved and integrated management of natural resources in the Delta. The report is based on review of literature, field research and field survey interviews conducted with politicians, government technica l services, NGOs, research and community organizations (farmers, pastoralists, fishermen). The data presented in this report were collected from the four â?? cerclesâ?� (administrative units) of Mopti region of the Delta. It does not include information on the Ké-Macina (Ségou region) and Niafunké, Diré and Goudam (Timbuktu region), which are also part of the Inland Niger Delta. The report is divided into seven major parts: (i) Physical overview of the Inland Niger Delta; (ii) Demographic data giving the histor y and demographic characteristics of the people, food security situation, livelihood options and access to basic social services, social organization and main economic activities; (iii) Analysis of the political and legal systems of management of natural resources in the Delta; (iv) Major constraints and challenges faced by the population; (v) Main organizations and institutions responsible for natural resource management; (vi) Diagnostic tools and mechanisms for planning and management of natural resource s and of prediction of flood water level s; (vii) Synthesis of lessons learnt and possible mitigation measures in the region

publication date

  • 2012

geographic focus