Seasonal variations of stem flux and growth of native tree species in a tropical montane forest in Ethiopia uri icon


  • In seasonally dry tropical forests, coexisting evergreen and deciduous trees respond differently to seasonal changes of the climate. In the tropical mountain forest of Munessa (240 km south of Addis Ababa, between 1.900 to 2.700 m asl, Fig. 1), the regional climate encompasses a long dry season (X - II) and a rainy season (III - IX), which is sometimes interrupted by sporadic spells of dry weather in May and June. The aim of the study was to elucidate the context between plant water relations and extension growth of two coexisting functional types of native trees, as depending on the seasonal weather. Investigated tree species were the evergreen conifer Podocarpus falcatus (late succesional species) and the facultative deciduous Croton macrostachyus (pioneer species) (Fig. 2), which is leafless in dry years from February to March

publication date

  • 2013