Extent of adoption of conservation agriculture and agroforestry in Africa: the case of Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana & Zambia uri icon


  • The objective of this output was to ascertain the status of adoption of CAWT and on-going programmes that, based on the collected information, would form the basis for developing the conservation agriculture with trees investment programmes for four participating countries. A hierarchical process of collating baseline information was adopted in all countries. First, all institutions (government, NGOs, research etc) that dealt with conservation agriculture and/or agroforestry research and development were identified in each country and a checklist detailing the technologies promoted, activity zones in the country the number of farmers reached and their level of success was sent to them to fill. Secondly a farmersâ?? questionnaire was administered in selected areas within the country sampled on a premise to represent the different agricultural regions in the country. This would capture the farmers that had been reached by the various programmes as well as get a feel of farmer-to-farmer extension of CAWT

publication date

  • 2014