Associating multivariate climatic descriptors with cereal yields: A case study of Southern Burkina Faso uri icon


  • In the Sahel, climate variability and change have resulted in a diversity of direct andindirect impacts largely affecting rain-fed farming. Populations in this area mainlyrely on rain-fed farming and natural resources to sustain their livelihoods whichheightens their risk. The association between occurring climate variability and staplecereal yields has not been systematically addressed. With reference to theseinteractions and gaps, this paper initially explores the occurrence of climatevariability in southern Burkina Faso and shows how district-scale cereal yieldsrespond variably to inter-annual variation of climate variables. This relationship isprimarily explored by use of statistical models and non-parametric correlations.Results mainly show that the cereal yields widely depict sensitivity to the length ofthe growing period and total dry days in the growing season. Based on the results, ourrecommendations emphasize on strengthening of pre-existing efficient waterutilization platforms especially those that have evidently increased yields

publication date

  • 2015