Two new Pseudohalonectria species on beech cupules (Fagus sylvatica) and a new genus to accommodate P. suthepensis uri icon


  • We are studying the fungi on seeds and fruits and identified two Pseudohalonectria species from cupules of beech nut (Fagus sylvatica), collected from slightly anoxic, stagnant water in the moat in Bishops Palace, Hampshire, UK. Phylogenetic analysis of combined LSU, SSU and TEF1 sequence data provides evidence that they are new species in the genus. Pseudohalonectria hampshirensis and P. fagicola spp. nov. are introduced in this paper with descriptions, photomicrographs and molecular evidence. They are compared with closely related species in the genus and a key to the genus is provided. As a result of the phylogenetic analyses P. suthepensis is excluded from Pseudohalonectria and a new genus, Tropohalonectria is introduced to accommodate the species. © 2016 Magnolia Press

publication date

  • 2016