Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) as an Adaptation Strategy in Burkina Faso and Mali uri icon


  • This study analyzed the dimensions of Ecosystem Services (ES) in the adaptation projects. We examined the Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EbA) concept based on thirty one sample projects from Burkina Faso and Mali. Results showed that 49% of the adaptation projects were within the agricultural sector, with generally low budgetary consideration and medium-term implementation duration. The projects mainly aimed to provide regulation and provisioning ES. Explicit EbA strategies were present in 16% of the studied projects, implying a limited consideration of ES in adaptation projects. The projects were largely sectoral with minimal integrated adaptation approaches. The study concludes that more considerations should be taken on community-based needs using natural assets for responding to climate change impacts. It recommends more inclusion of EbA concepts in the national adaptation policies, integration of local, indigenous and scientific knowledge to adaptation, and increased research on the EbA concept to support adaptation and mitigation strategies

publication date

  • 2017