Chapter 8 - Evidence that Subsistence Farmers have Domesticated Indigenous Fruits (Dacryodes edulis and Irvingia gabonensis) in Cameroon and Nigeria uri icon


  • Nine traits were measured in fruits of Irvingia gabonensis and Dacryodes edulis from six villages in Cameroon and Nigeria to determine their tree-to-tree variation. The frequency distribution of this data was plotted and analyzed to determine normality, skewness and kurtosis. The results indicate that those traits of importance to consumers varied between sites, while those of no importance were -normal.- This is interpreted to suggest that farmers have selected the trees with the most desirable traits for cultivation, and that these results conform to a hypothesis defining five statistically distinct stages of domestication. Thus it appears that both D. edulis and I. gabonensis have been domesticated to at least Stage 2 in Cameroon and Nigeria, respectively

publication date

  • 2017