Soil health decision support for NERC digital soil platforms: A survey report uri icon


  • This working paper describes the results of a survey done on soil data availability and use inthe agricultural sector in Kenya. The survey was commissioned by the National EnvironmentResearch Council (NERC) to assess the potential value of NERC digital tools such as theMySoil app, to decision makers in the region. The objectives of the survey were therefore tohighlight the decision needs related to sustainable agricultural intensification that would bemet through greater accessibility to soil information, identify the critical uncertaintiessurrounding those decisions and identify the potential information that could be provided by adigital app such as the MySoil app for Africa. Those surveyed were selected from researchand academia, government, private sector, agricultural extension, community work and farmergroups. The survey was conducted through an online questionnaire on SurveyMonkey. Theresults showed that the greatest information need that could be met through a digitalapplication was site- and crop-specific input recommendations while the biggest considerationwhen developing such a tool needs to be given to figuring out how to communicate effectivelywith end users. The report also recommends a horizontal approach to the development of theapp. This would allow for contributions based on farmersâ?? indigenous knowledge

publication date

  • 2017