Latin America: Trend highlights on beans, beef, pork, cassava, rice and corn uri icon


  • Perspectives on the market situation of the commodities of the Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical, CIAT (cassava, beans, beef, pork, rice, and maize) in 1976 are summarized. Useful information that could serve as frame of reference is included: relative importance of agriculture in L.A.; use and distribution of the land; population and nutriton; fertilizer situation and forecast, Information on production, yields, vol. of trade, and export prices of the aforementioned commodities is given. Regarding cassava it is reported that total and per capita production increased consistently during the 1960`s but decreased during the 1st half of the 1970`s due to the influence of the decrease of production registered in Brazil (approx. 10 percent). Per capita production varied greatly in L.A. Cassava yields decreased in 1973 to the lowest level in 20 yr due to poor seasonal conditions in Brazil, Several tables and figures are annexed. (CIAT)

publication date

  • 1976