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  • The objectives of CIATs Entomology Program are: (1) the survey and identification of insect and mite species in L.A.; (2) establishment of the economic importance of pest species in terms of yield decrease and their geographic distribution; (3) evaluation of cv. for their resistance to determined species; (4) incorporation of resistance in improved vat.; and (5) development of control measures. Priority has been given to var. resistance as the ideal pest control measure in order to reduce or eliminate the use of insecticides. CIAT has developed a mass selection program for resistance to Empoasca, mites and stored bean insects; and in collaboration with national institutions, it is testing var. resistance to Apion godmani and Epinotia opposita. Var. resistance alone is not sufficient; therefore, it is convenient to study other aspects related to the insect, such as its biology, habits and alternative control methods. (CIAT)

publication date

  • 1979