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  • Plant tissue culture includes a wide range of techniques: protoplast, cell, anther, callus, meristem and organ culture, all having one common factor: the growth of vegetative material in an aseptic environment; i,e., the sterilized culture medium in test tubes. In spite of the fact that several of these techniques have not yet been applied on a large scale, it is possible to propagate many species through apical meristem culture and eliminate viruses from infected material; and recently it has become feasible to utilize meristem culture for the conservation of germplasm. These applications are particularly useful in vegetatively propagated cultures, such as cassava, for the following reasons: (1) systemic pathogens can be transmitted from one generation to another; (2) maintenance costs of germplasm collections, are high; (3) movement of vegetative material is restricted for quarantine reasons and (4) asexual propagation rate is low. (AS-CIAT)

publication date

  • 1980