Conversion de cultivares de frijol (P. vulgaris) susceptibles al BCMV, a cultivares resistentes mediante la incorporacion de la resistencia hipersensible uri icon


  • All commercially grown bean var. in Central America of small shiny red grain type are susceptible to one or more strains of BCMV. An attempt was made to recombine the important var. characteristics of var. such as Honduras 46, Rojo Zamorano, Nahuizalco, Rojo de Seda, and Desarrural, in addition to the hypersensitive resistance to BCMV. A system of rapid backcrossing was used in which F1 plants were mechanically inoculated with BCMV to eliminate susceptible segregants, thus carrying the dominant resistance gene forward in the heterozygous state. BCMV-resistant families combining the principal grain and plant types of the recurrent parent (commercial red var.), were recovered after the 3rd backcross. Evaluation of these lines for BCMV, however, indicates that other deficiencies of the commercial var. have also been transferred at a very high frequency, such that these partial products must be crossed with sources of resistance to other important constraints. (AS)

publication date

  • 1981