Procesamiento de la yuca para pequenos productores: Adaptacion y mejoramiento de una maquina picadora de yuca para el uso de cooperativas de agricultores uri icon


  • Research work carried out at the commercial plant level and at the exptl. level to improve the design and utility of the Thai-type cassava chipper is described. The evaluation of 3 other types of cassava chipper (Malaysian, Colombian, and Brazilian) is presented; they are compared in terms of their mechanical performance and the drying characteristics of the chips produced. It is concluded that the Thai-type cassava chipper can be used in the natural cassava drying plants of the Colombian Atlantic Coast. The Malaysian- and Brazilian-type chippers did not offer advantages as to greater capacity, lower costs, or greater dehydration efficiency. The Colombian-type blade can be easily adapted to the existing chippers; the drying efficiency would be improved due to the more uniform chips. (CIAT)

publication date

  • 1986