Preliminary report on the possibilities for cassava drying technology for the Peruvian Selva uri icon


  • A preliminary description is made of the 6 zones of the Peruvian jungle that could possibly be suitable for cassava production and application of drying technology. They are as follows: zone A, the valleys of the rivers Chinchipe, Ulcabamba, and Upper Maranon; zone B, the valley of the Huallaga river from Juanju to Tarapoto and the valley of the Mayo river from Tarapoto to north of Moyobamba; zone C, Pucallpa and the valley of the Ucayali river; zone D, valley of the rivers Ene and Apurimac from Lusiana in the south to Puerto Prado in the north; zone E, areas to the north and east of Puerto Maldonado along the rivers Tacuatimanuo and Madre de Dios; zone F, the east-west arms of the valleys of the Yanatili Yavero and Alto Urumbaba. A map is included. (CIAT)

publication date

  • 1986

geographic focus