Monitoreo a nivel de finca de yuca y cultivos asociados Manabi, Ecuador uri icon


  • A partial report is given on the results of the monitoring project of cassava production systems in Manabi, Ecuador, determined from data collected on the farms during 2 visits at 3- mo. intervals. An increase in area planted to cassava, mainly due to low-risk marketing and price stability, was estimated from 2 planting times. Most of the cassava harvested at the beginning of the yr was sold to drying plants, with a substantial amount used directly on the farm. Cassava monocropping has increased in time, although the cassava-maize cropping system predominates. Most of the cassava seed used is produced by the farmers. The group of pink- skinned var. has displaced the white and yellow var. Most farmers buy the maize seed; yellow var. predominate, especially INIAP-526 due to its wide range of adaptability. Farmers would be willing to grow mainly cassava-maize if they had access to resources such as land, credit, labor, and stable prices. (AS-CIAT)

publication date

  • 1988